Why am I talking about my inner child? I feel like a big kid and trying to figure out why.  Why haven’t I grown up?  I feel emotionally mature.  Does that help me on the outside? This is what I’m trying to navigate.  How can I monetize what I have learned over the course of my 40 years.  I look like a big kid.  I may act like one too.  I do love kids.  I think we’ve all been told to grow-up.  Having fun as adults generally involves consumption.  We seem to have accepted and ‘culturalized’ consumption being what we need to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.  What happened to self expression?  It is almost frowned upon.  We don’t feel like we are allowed to share our thoughts and feelings.  We especially don’t want to listen to negative banter.  Venting is one thing.  But we need to make changes if we are stuck.  Otherwise we need to pay a stranger to vent and bitch to.  No one else deserves to deal with our shit on an ongoing basis.  We need to clean it up ourselves.  And not all of us have the tools to do that.  So outside of getting wasted or using consumption as our escapism, what are we doing to express ourselves?  

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