Community Management

Attract, engage and retain your members, partners and suppliers.

I suport the growth of the shared living economy. 

From marketing, programming and operations I continue to live, work and support the growth of an industry that changed my life.  


A x6 month onboarding program.




I produce high quality lifestyle content helping you attract ideal members, partners and suppliers.




I activate your community members through tech, events and shared experiences.

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From on-boarding employees, customers and suppliers I manage expectations between all parties involved.

Master of Ceremonies at our Cape Town, South African co-working space.

My interview as a user of shared living on Christine McDannell Coliving Code Podcast. 

With a face and voice of an angel this athletic yogi trainer is hard to deny her personal brand and training program. With many who’ve attempted to copy and paste her online subscription model, Abi Carver has carved a niche for herself in the sports industry as a trusted professional in the space. Join us as we record this interview overseas between Tulum, Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa. Welcome to CoffeeTalk with Kalen! 

The Podcast

How did I learn so much about the global coliving industry? Podcasts! I’ve continued to develop many new relationships through the conversations I’ve had over the years both with users and operators in the space.  Join me as we explore different parts of the world and the people supporting the movement. 

LYFE is a beta app for community members to buy, sell and trade their products and services. 

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