SOTA Coliving

In a pinch I was between places in Los Angeles.  Through I was speaking back and forth between a sales rep who kept an eye on the listing for me.  I was looking for a flexible location.  I believe I booked x1 month at SOTA in their West LA location.  Somehow I lucked out and got booked my own brand new appartmnet suite that is normally designed for up to 8 people.  Yes 8 inside a 2 bedroom appartment with new applicances and on-suite lundry.  SOTA designs what they dall as Capsule Beds.  Custom wooden framed bunk beds for rent for under $700 / month.  I was there for a week before Los Angele went into lockdown and I fled to Canada for refuge.  Two months later the owners called me to support their marketing and programming and generate some consistancy with their intentions.  During the apndemic we helped achieve over 80% occupancy over four months after being down to almost 30%.  My programming, marketing and parnership relations were supported by a x3 month onboarding contract that has since been renewed.

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